Finishing School – Animation

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Tech Anim is a comprehensive course that prepares students for the animation and visual effects industries.
Our step-by-step video tutorials cover everything to get started in Technical Animation, from beginning steps, to quality checks to post-sim fixes, ensuring that students are more than ready to go straight into the VFX and animation industry!

What You'll Learn

Course Highlights

  • Setting up Tech Rigs.
  • Students are trained to use the Maya nCloth & Nucleus solver tool, as well as presentation settings, and post-sim fixes.
  • Training includes understanding the Vellum Solver, and post-sim fixes as quality checks.

Why Choose TECh - ANIM Course?

  • Tech Anim is the perfect course for anyone looking to start a career in the animation and visual effects industries.

  • With a focus using Maya and Houdini, this course provides students with the tools and techniques they need to create high-quality cloth simulations.