AVGCI and CCCA Forge Strategic Alliance to Enhance Creative Education in Goa🚀🚀

AVGCI and CCCA Forge Strategic Alliance to Enhance Creative Education in Goa

Hyderabad & Goa, India – In a strategic move poised to revolutionize the creative industries within Goa, AVGCI Multimedia Industry Training (AVGCI) and Chowgule Centre of Creative Arts (CCCA) have announced an exciting new partnership. This collaboration will focus on expanding educational offerings in Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), and Gaming—areas of explosive growth and vast potential.

Introducing AVGCI Multimedia Industry Training

Located in the bustling city of Hyderabad, AVGCI is celebrated for its comprehensive courses in animation, VFX, gaming, film making, and virtual production. With facilities that boast 24/7 labs and an expert faculty roster, AVGCI prepares students to meet the complex demands of the multimedia industry. Its commitment to hands-on, practical training ensures that graduates are not just job-ready but are poised to become industry innovators.

About Chowgule Centre of Creative Arts (CCCA)

Part of the esteemed Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science in Goa, CCCA has established itself as a beacon of creative education. Offering courses in photography, graphic design, filmmaking, and more, CCCA combines modern technology with a dynamic curriculum designed to empower students to unleash their creative potential. The centre’s commitment to excellence is evident in its state-of-the-art facilities and robust industry connections that provide students with invaluable real-world experience.

A Groundbreaking Collaboration

This partnership marks a milestone in educational collaboration, aiming to create a hub of creative learning that stands unmatched in the Goa region. “By uniting AVGCI’s technological prowess with CCCA’s artistic programs, we are creating a unique educational platform that caters to the next generation of creators in Animation, VFX, and Gaming,” said a spokesperson for AVGCI.

From CCCA, enthusiasm about the partnership is equally strong. “This collaboration allows us to expand our artistic offerings into areas like animation and visual effects, which are in high demand. Together, we are set to redefine creative education in Goa,” commented a representative from CCCA.

Empowering Future Creators

Students can anticipate a curriculum that merges the best of both institutions—CCCA’s artistic depth and AVGCI’s technical expertise. This educational blend is designed to foster skills that are pivotal in today’s digital and entertainment industries. Beyond classroom learning, students will benefit from enhanced internship opportunities, direct industry engagements, and a network that spans leading creative enterprises.

The partnership also signifies a shared commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing talent capable of leading the future of creative industries.

For more information on enrollment and programs, interested candidates are encouraged to contact CCCA and AVGCI through their official website.



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